The Alchemy of Cubes
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  • The Alchemy of Cubes
  • The Alchemy of Cubes

The Alchemy of Cubes

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This game is part of the Yastuna Games / MSF operation

Startinf from march 2022, all profits from sales will be given to MSF / Doctors without Borders

MSF | Doctors Without Borders - USA

Yastuna vol. 1 is a freeware compilation of Lynx games to be used with an Atari Lynx emulator.

I released this compilation in 2008 and many physical release have been done since.

You buy here the first release by the author, as a Flash on Demand. You will get the cartridge alone, with a professionnally printed sticker (same quality than official Yastuna Games releases). The games are excatly the same than previous releases, so if you already have an edition of The alchemy of Cubes, there is no real need to buy this one, apart supporting MSF.


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The ROM is still available for free here :

The Alchemy of Cubes on

Here are the games included in Yastuna vol. 1 , and available from the main menu :

Merlain's Quest

After a really hard night, Merlain, the greatest magician of Kamelot wake up with a terrible headache. Help Merlain in his quest to find all his attributes of greatest magician of Kamelot, and then, he will maybe help you discover some hidden secrets of Yastuna vol. 1
Merlain's Quest is an adventure game written by Messire Kuk.


The most astounding adventure of the day


On main menu of the game, you can select classic or special mode.
In classic mode, A button will switch 2 pieces. Once 4 identical pieces or more will be in contact, they will disappear. You lose if game reach the top of the screen.


Classic mode, very classic ;)

In Special mode, A buyton will switch 2 towers, B button will make the medium.
Once 3 identical towers or more will be in contact, they will disappear. You lose if game reach the top of the screen.


A special dedicace to Vince ;)

In both modes, Option 1 is used to put the incoming line into game.
the incoming line is displayed at the bottom of the grid.


The goal is to place the buidings on the grid.
On each line/column, there can only be one building of each size.
The numbers outside the board indicate the number of building someone would see if he were sitting here and looking in this direction.
There is a level generator, each is different from the other. The difficulty will change the size of the grid.


Inspired by problem previously published in "Tangentes, Jeux & Stratégies" magazine


You push the tower into the grid. If the sum is less than 6, the last 2 towers will sum up. If the sum is equal to 6, you will get 5 points, if it is bigger, the last tower will fall, and the score will decrease by 10 points. If you manage to create a line or column of 4 identical towers, you will get 10 points.
Your goal is to keep the score positive as long as possible, depending on the start level, the initial score will be more or less higher, there is a number of tower played, which is the real score.


Just another way to push box in a game.


During an unwanted experiment, the ball dedicated to a breakout clone has been dropped into a Tetris clone. TetrisNoid plays like a classic Tetris, but the ball will annoy or help you, destoying existing bricks.


Two mythicals classics in one.


You play the grey ball and can only move from building to building, the building will fall if you give a direction only if there is enough space. Your goal is to reach the target building. You can choose the starting level. You cannot overpass a level but can choose to replay it via option menu.


Inspired by eponym game, published by Think Fun

Tipover Editor

You can access Tipover Editor via pressing B button on main menu instead of A behind the Tipover option.
Tipover Editor will alow you to create you own TipOver levels and play them.
Once the level is created, you can playtest it via Pause button (options are : delete a level, test it, display codes). During the game, it is possible to restart the level or go back to level editor. Once the level is finished, the game will send you back to the main menu of Tipover Editor, if you go to editor, the level is not deleted. It is not possible to save a level.

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