Asteroids Chasers Deluxe (GB)


A tactical tile-placing game.

Deluxe Edition of Asteroids Chasers contains :

  • Regular Game Boy edition of Asteroids Chasers, with trasparent cart (red PCB) instead of grey cart
  • Physical card game in its own box (71 cards)
  • 25 pages Score Sheet for card game
  • Custom pencil
  • 3D Asteroid marker
  • Big Box for storage
  • Poster

This Deluxe Edition is limited to 55 units for Nintendo Game Boy and 55 units for the Atari Lynx version.

The box will be numbered.

Unboxing in french:

Open The Box Asteroids Chasers (Deluxe) - YouTube


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A tactical tile-placing game.

Will you be able to mine the most from asteroids without dying?

Be careful, 3 active mines and the asteroid field explodes, along with your profits!

Avoid pirate ships that paralyze your probes.



Your goal is to play all the cards from your deck, and make the best score.

To do so, you play each card from your deck with the following rules :

- the card can never cover a previously played card

- the card must be placed adjacent (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) to the previously played card.

You lose the game if there are no legal moves and at least a card is not played, of if there are 3 active Mines at the same time in the playfield.

You win the game if you managed to put all cards from the deck in the playfield.

An achievement system saved to FRAM (no need for battery) lets you unlock new game modes, help options, animated starfields, and sweet soundtracks.

Game idea based on Cheese Chasers by Bran McMillin :
Cheese Chasers | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

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