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Iron Soldier 3 Nuon (Songbird)
  • Iron Soldier 3 Nuon (Songbird)
  • Iron Soldier 3 Nuon (Songbird)
  • Iron Soldier 3 Nuon (Songbird)

Iron Soldier 3 Nuon (Songbird)

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  • Acclaimed action game for NUON systems
  • Limited release
  • Includes shrink-wrapped case, full-color DVD, and manual
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My giant robot can beat up your giant robot.

Songbird Productions is pleased to present a one-time licensed reprint of the classic Iron Soldier 3 game for the NUON DVD system. This game had a very limited retail release two decades ago, and has become a fan-favorite for the NUON system. Now you can own your very own copy!

Iron Soldier 3 features four exciting game modes, 25 challenging missions, four levels of difficulty, and support for 1-2 players. Grab this classic while you can!

Available now while supplies last


Release details

  • Professionally replicated DVD including Amaray case and 28-page manual
  • Licensed from Eclipse Software
  • Game is identical to the original version which had very limited retail release


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a DVD-R or a “real” DVD?
    This is a genuine, mass-produced, professionally glass-mastered DVD.
  2. What is included?
    The game includes a disc with full-color offset printing, a 28-page printed manual, full-color outer wrap, and a black Amaray DVD case. The game is also shrink-wrapped.
  3. How many copies are being produced?
    This is an exclusive, one-time, limited run of the Iron Soldier 3 game for NUON systems based on the current demand of approximately 200 units. The run was first offered for sale in January 2021.
  4. Are there any changes to the game?
    The game itself is 100% identical to the version published by Eclipse Software back when NUON was on the market. It is a fully playable and complete game, intended for mass market retail distribution.
  5. Are there any issues with Iron Soldier 3 running on some NUON systems?
    Some players have reported occasional glitches or boot-up issues when running Iron Soldier 3 on certain NUON systems such as the Samsung N2000. Songbird is not responsible for any compatibility issues which may be encountered with this product.
  6. What is NUON anyway?
    NUON was a “DVD plus” technology released by VM Labs in 2000. It added multimedia capabilities to DVD players, including the ability to play games. At the time, it was supported by a variety of manufacturers, including Samsung, RCA, and Toshiba. Many former Atari Corporation employees worked for VM Labs, so it was considered by some to be the “spiritual successor” to Atari gaming consoles. Unfortunately, NUON never really caught on, and had a very limited market life with just a handful of published games before the demise of VM Labs in 2003.
  7. Where can I learn more about NUON?
    NUON-Dome contains a wealth of information about NUON games and systems.
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