Battlemorph CD + Overlay (Songbird)
  • Battlemorph CD + Overlay (Songbird)
  • Battlemorph CD + Overlay (Songbird)

Battlemorph CD + Overlay (Songbird)

  • Incredible 3D game for Jaguar CD system
  • Limited release
  • Includes case, game CD, and manual
  • Jaguar CD unit required

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This Time It’s War!

You thought Cybermorph was challenging? Now face a whole new mixture of enemies, worlds, weapons, and puzzles in Battlemorph, only on the Jaguar CD! Fly high or low, backwards, underwater, and underground to get at the enemy’s weak spots. Discover new weapons and abilities on alien worlds like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Battlemorph is a one-time limited run for the Jaguar CD system in 2021. It includes a professionally manufactured full-color CD, 28-page manual, and Amaray case. Reserve your copy today!

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Release details

  • Professionally replicated game CD including Amaray case and 28-page manual
  • Licensed and manufactured by Songbird Productions
  • Game is identical to the original version
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